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About us

Holger Stranzenbach, founder of refine GmbH products and services, brings with him 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and after sales services. Refine GmbH provides well thought-out and very high-quality new and used machines as well as spare and wear parts for the waste services and recycling sector.

Refine GmbH products and services is a brand-independent retail company that provides a broad product portfolio and can therefore supply the right technology for almost every field of application. Our constant exchange with customers, trading partners and manufacturers in the national and international market enables us to continuously innovate and, as a result, constantly adapt our products to changing market requirements. 

Refine GmbH products and services prevents risks from arising, such as high wear and repair costs, by constantly conducting technical checks on machines and, if necessary, carrying out comprehensive refurbishment and providing a seal of quality. Expert and serious reliable from Holger Stranzenbach helps the operators of recycling machines to reduce the machine costs and ensure that the machines and plants are constantly running. 

In cooperation with leading manufacturers of tools and wear protection solutions, products are developed in order to optimise the costs of operating recycling machines and recycling plants.     

Our brands

Partner und Kooperation | refine products and service GmbH
Partner M&S Gruseck | refine products and service GmbH
Partner Rottenkolber Umwelttechnik | refine products and service GmbH
Partner Gremac | Refine Products
Ankauf von gebrauchter Recyclingtechnik | refine products and service GmbH

Purchasing used recycling technology

We inspect your machine using our sound judgement, expertise and market knowledge. As part of a worldwide network of trading partners and customers, we’ll quickly find a new owner for your machine at competitive prices. We’re satisfied when you are!

Verkauf von gebrauchter mobiler Recyclingtechnik | refine products and service GmbH

Selling used mobile recycling technology

Are you looking for the right new or used machine for shredding, screening or separating? We have the right machine for your requirements and application. Each machine includes our seal of quality, and also a warranty if required. Looks aren’t everything; the truth lies behind every shiny facade. We always look closely and scratch test the paint, because wear and serious defects aren’t obvious until you investigate further. Therefore, you’ll find only technology from experienced sources, in very good state of maintenance and care.  

Our machines

Siebmaschine gebraucht | refine products and service GmbH

The hot-dip galvanized mobile drum screening plant in the 3.5 to class. Screening drums with 2.0 or 3.0 m length and a screening area of up to 9.0m² provide up to 75 m³/h screening capacity. Always electrically operated, whether as trailer, on hook lift frame, with chain drive or stationary. The modularity of the GREMAC screening plant makes it a machine that can be adapted to any requirement. Screening mesh from 3.0mm to 50 mm for a wide variety of screening fractions. Can be used anywhere with optional power unit.

Walzenzerkleinerer gebraucht | refine products and service GmbH
Komptech Terminator 6000 S

The Komptech Terminator is a robust, slow-running shredder on hook lift frame, applicable for almost all solid waste types. The hydraulic roller drive with load-dependent speed control mobilizes maximum shredding forces. An infinitely variable cutting gap adjustment allows the grain size produced to be matched to the further use.

Siebmaschine gebraucht | refine products and service GmbH

The hot-dip galvanized stationary drum screening plant for beginners. The screening drum with a length of 2.0 m and a screening area of up to 6.2 m² provide up to 50 m³/h screening capacity. Always electrically operated, on height-adjustable feet, it can be conveniently transported by car trailer. The modularity of the GREMAC screening plant makes it a machine that can be adapted to any requirement. Screening mesh from 3.0mm to 50 mm for a wide range of screening fractions. Can be used anywhere with optional power unit.

Get in touch.

We’re happy to advise you on purchasing and selling used recycling machines or spare parts.

Ersatzteile und Verschleißteile für Recyclingmaschinen und Siebanlagen | refine products and service GmbH

Spare parts and wear parts

Improving on good things is an art! We achieve this by passionately and enthusiastically dedicating ourselves to our customers’ requirements. We’re the creative powerhouse in customer-orientated service and wear part solutions. Professional first-class advice, shortest delivery times and outstanding quality are the features of our spare and wear parts service.  Our motivation, your benefit: 


  • If any repairs are needed, short downtimes with low production loss
  • Extended service life, thus higher productivity with more yield
  • Trouble-free operations, thus higher effectiveness and more time for the essentials
  • Cost-effective procurement through framework agreements, thus plannable costs


From cost-effective repairs of valuable machine components to developing useful accessories for recycling technologies. From process recommendations for materials preparation to commercial offers for the right machine.

From optimising materials handling technology to compact conveyor technology and designing stationary processing plants. We’re happy to share our experience and help make your company a success! Our motivation, your benefit:

Recycling Maschinen Ankauf und Verkauf | refine products and service GmbH
  • Overhauling and repairing planetary and bevel hellical gear units
  • Overhauling shredding rollers and flail drums
  • Repairing magnetic rollers and magnetic separator belts
  • Preparing stock specifications for spare and wear parts
  • Delivering screening drums for mobile and stationary drum screening machines
  • Delivering mobile materials handling technology
  • Advice on acquiring new shredding and separation technology


Büroräume  | refine products and service GmbH
09 / 2020 – Moving into our new offices in Velbert-Langenberg

We do our productive and creative work at our site in the middle of the historic old town of Velbert-Langenberg. Our spacious sales office has 5 desk workplaces, a huge meeting area, plus customer parking spaces. So there is plenty of room for expansion! Velbert-Langenberg is an extremely attractive destination for any guest, embedded in a high-tech steel, mechanical engineering and service infrastructure. It’s the historical hub of the weaving and textile trade, with its aristocratic-looking manufacturers’ villas, industrial culture of bygone days and lovingly restored half-timbered buildings. Here, nostalgia and modernity form a symbiosis that promises success. Its prime location in terms of transport with connections to the BAB 1 and BAB 40, as well as being close to Düsseldorf airport ensure the best travel conditions for suppliers and customers. 

Gebrauchte Recycling Maschinen | refine products and service GmbH
01 / 2021 – Repair service for large-dimension planetary and bevel helical gear units

In shredders of well-known manufacturers, large-dimensioned planetary or bevel helical gear units are used to transmit electric or diesel-driven drive power to the shredding unit. These gear units experience high stresses and loads, and are subject to regular wear. There may also be capital damage caused by external factors. We provide cost-effective repairs in the event of sudden damage or scheduled overhauls for trouble-free continuous operation. All repairs are carried out professionally and with warranty by German manufacturers!

Please contact us – Mobile: +49 0175 0674 0424

Siebtrommel Ersatzteile | refine products and service GmbH
02 / 2021 – Screening drums for mobile & stationary drum screening machines

Expert advice, excellent quality, high level of availability at permanently competitive prices – these are just some of the features that distinguish our screening drums. Tight manufacturing tolerances, first-class steel, high-performance rollers and state-of-the-art welding processes ensure consistent quality, concentricity and dimensional accuracy. The benefits: 

  • All drums are made of steel, minimum quality S355JR!
  • Different perforations available, such as square, honeycomb, round hole, etc.
  • Customisable pitches available!
  • High strength alongside excellent quality!
  • Narrow bars for maximum screening area!
  • Flexible number of spirals for best screening possible!
  • All hole widths and sheet thicknesses available!
  • Includes concentricity guarantee and certificate!
  • The shortest delivery times and always the best prices!
  • Made in Germany!

refine GmbH products and services products and services
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